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Music For Dummies


This being  a music page then we will review MUSIC FOR DUMMIES here and also our other music sites bMusic pageeing

I started Music For Dummies when doing an online business course that also took us into creating our own websites and helped us to learn how to promote them.

We have a number of music sites plus we promote the websites of others in our NETWORK
We have all kinds of people and services in this NETWORK such as music, legal, ministry, medical and children, parents and lots of people who love to use it.

We have MUSIC FOR DUMMIES ONLINE then we have a very useful one for knowing the legal problems and traps in music HIDDEN TRUTH MUSIC

Then ther is the music site of LOHN RIVER MUSIC who put it together using only voice recognition software as he was not able to use his hands or legs yet did not give up in making his life more meaningful till he pased on.

The time has come for us to say I am abled not dissabled for we can focus on that which we can do, for all of us have difficulies of many kinds but we should learn to overcome so as to make the world a better place.

King David we know played the harp and wrote many spiritual songs (Psalms).

Today people are composing spiritual songs and our website Music For Dummies  has many in it.

We don't just have spiritual songs from among our artists, but love to promote good clean music.

We are people who want to help all kinds of people, and as a ministry, we want to take God's love to all.

We see ourselves as part of the
Enter Into Our World Network