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Hand In Sky

When we started in ministry with Arke Ministries we only had ARKE MINISTRIES COM

 Since those early days we have now a number of ministry websites with our latest one PRAYER WARRIOR AUSTRALIA but we look after other peoples websites as well.

A very interesting one we look after is CHURCH UNDER THE BIG TOP this is a ministry in Australia to those in the Circus Industry

Then we are associates with those who run  HEARTt of ROCK ROSE MINISTRY the heart of true service to God, But they have a great website called ENTER INTO OUR WORLD which is a mine field of information for for ministry,counselling,childrens helps and huge numbers of other things.

We must remember our help comes from God alone who made the Heavens and the Earth and all that are in them.

Our main website in Australia is ARKE MINISTRIES AUSTRALIA in it we record a daily Bible message but it contains other useful International information as well.

We see in the picture above formed in the clouds what looks like a hand, it is an open hand that is stretched out in love and service to rescue.

So if we really do want to understand how we should give service to God, then we should follow in His footsteps to put our hand out in love and service to rescue those that would perish.

So if we really do want to give true service, we will praise God from our hearts, and reach out with our hands to those who are down trodden and destitute.